Who is this girl and what is she doing?

Hi, my name is Annaleigh! (often referred to as Anni by close friends & family). I am a 22-year-old recent public relations graduate from the University of Florida who has the classic case of wanderlust.

I like to think I’m someone who follows through on my biggest ideas,  using my actions to define who I am and move toward who I want to be, without fear of the future. The restlessness and uncertainty I often face as a consequence is not always easy to satisfy but it has brought me to some truly incredible experiences so far in life, each of which I am forever grateful for.

Today I am living in Brisbane, QLD, Australia with my partner and four Aussies. During the past five months, I supported my Aussie experience here as an Au Pair with an Australian family in a suburb just outside of Brisbane. I watched the couple’s two young boys during week days while I lived expense-free and with a weekly stipend for my local adventures and Aussie travels. Now, I am learning to navigate life in the city on a day-to-day basis and support myself with a new job while trying to save up money for the next adventure.

Why did I decide to run away down under?

Because I just graduated college, am currently only responsible for myself and can do whatever I want with my life here on out. For me, traveling is at the top of the priority list right now.

I intend for this blog to serve as personal record but also to entertain and hopefully inspire anyone who is curious. I understand each of us deal with different circumstances and create different stories, all of which are worthy of documentation and storytelling, but I hope that people can get some sort of joy and insight from this exciting part of mine. Enjoy mate! 😉