This New Au Pair Life

Today I drove a car on what Americans call “the wrong side of the road,” meaning the left side of course. It was a tad scary since I had my host mom with me and baby Charlie in the backseat but we made it home and everyone lived. All jokes aside though, it really wasn’t bad. It does feel weird at first and it’s hard not to turn your wipers on instead of your indicators since those are also switched but everything else is the same so with a little extra attention and brain power, all is good. It is pretty exciting to be able to drive on both sides now. It’s like being ambidextrous or something.

I also drove around with Camille to do errands and got plenty of quality time with Charlie since Kirin had Kindy (Aussie term for daycare). Charlie is such a cute little baby that I don’t even realize how much time I’m spending just playing with wooden trains and Fisher Price toys. After errands with Camille, my driving lesson, playtime with Charlie and a walk around the neighborhood, I figured I might as well go all out with a game of fetch with the house pet, Ruby, an energetic cocker spaniel. As I played with her, I remember thinking how simple this life is and as uncommon as it may be for a 22-year-old to be playing with babies and dogs during week days, I like it. This nanny thing ain’t so bad.

Kirin came home with his dad from Kindy while Ruby and I were playing fetch, and immediately had me running around all over the place trying to keep up with him. He is super cute and a really sweet boy but man he has all kind of energy that can be tough to keep up with. As I finally wore him down and tucked him into bed tonight, he had me read him a story and asked if I would like to sleep with him. I declined the offer but how sweet?!? It made my heart melt.

Early tomorrow morning  I’m off into the city with the family as Charlie has a doctor’s appointment so I’m using the opportunity to have some change of scenery and meet up with Olivia during her lunch break. That’s all of my Au Pair adventures for now – stay tuned!



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