Networking with Brisbane’s Posh Scene

Last night I accompanied my host mum Camille to a launch party for the skin care line she is currently promoting. It was quite an interesting evening so I wanted to share…

Just a little background – The product she was promoting is called Nerium and it is from the U.S. but is about to be introduced to Australia on Oct. 20. Its business is built on a direct networking model so there are ladies (and some men) all over the world who are trying to sell this product to people within their network in hopes of making big bucks. It seems to be quite the time and energy investment but apparently can be really rewarding if successful. Camille hosted the party at a friend’s house in order to spread the word about Nerium and hopefully spark some interest. The exciting part is that this friend is a past ‘Miss Australia’ and has a swanky penthouse in the trendiest area just outside of the city called New Farm, overlooking the Brisbane city skyline and river. I was thrilled to check it out when Camille invited me to come along for the ride.

The party didn’t end up being as successful as they hoped, with a pretty low turnout, but it was interesting to listen to such posh ladies from Australia (and a couple other countries) chat about their businesses and other life topics. A lady from Venezuela who couldn’t speak English very well was present as well as a lady from Hong Kong who owns a Chinese restaurant in the city. I ended up chatting with the two of them for a while (the three foreigners in the room found each other yay!) and while we were mostly just trying to understand what each other was saying, it was also super interesting to be talking to both of them, from completely different places and cultures than mine, while in Australia – a place new and unfamiliar to all of us.

I got some great contacts for extra babysitting that night and also got to bond a lot with Camille. After the swanky party, we gossiped about how intense everything was and went through the drive thru at Macca’s – always a great  bonding experience. She shared a lot with me about her younger years and going out in the city so for at least a night I felt like we were the same age and just two friends hanging out in Brisbane. Pretty cool night away from the typical burbs and routine.



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