Finding my routine 

I drove up some steep hills to get to the hiking trails of the lovely rainforest in an area called Mount Glorious today. I have Mondays off so I spent this one by taking a solo adventure along a scenic drive through the Queensland hills and then a couple hours spent roaming around in lush palms and cypress trees – so lush I could barely see the sky above me. It was after all, pretty glorious.

While that was the highlight of the day, there were several other great moments as well that inspired me to write tonight. For one, I feel so much more confident driving the car around. It’s starting to really feel natural now on the left side and along the hilly roads. It’s beginning to feel so normal, I’m wondering if it will be weird when I have switch back to the right side…

Another abnormal event that happened today is that I played in a competitive game of Netball! For those who don’t know, Netball is a popular game amongst Australians – kind of like basketball except you can’t dribble or move past a pivot and there is no backboard to the net. I had never heard of it before coming here so I’m assuming it’s not really a thing in America, or at least a big thing. Then again, I’m not much of a sports player. But anyway, I was invited to play with Hannah and Olivia’s team and while I didn’t know any of the rules and had never even tried it, I said yes because yolo. I had no clue what I was doing when the game started so we had some good laughs but as I started to catch on, I got into it and can totally see myself enjoying it if I can get some more practice at it. Big loss today but that’s alright, it was all in good fun and like I said, I’m not very competitive.

It’s been almost exactly one month since I arrived in Brisbane. Most days have been amazing but like in any real journey, not every day has been perfect. I’ve had my ups and downs during my first month here but it seems I always find a way to enjoy myself in the end. There’s moments when I miss my family or friends, or when I feel like I’m not doing something purposeful enough but it’s never too long before something reminds me why I’m here and why I’ve made a good decision to be here. I think one of the hardest things to adjust to when moving to a new and exciting place is accepting the realization that not every day is going to be an adventure, and that some days will just feel like work or even boring – that’s part of life though and so wherever you’re living, no matter how beautiful or wonderful it is, there will be those days. You don’t think about them before you get to them but yet they’re inevitable when you are living a day-to-day life somewhere. That’s also the coolest thing about living in somewhere so beautiful and awesome though in my opinion – as thrilling as it can be when you have the time for an adventure, it also becomes home and things that were once so unfamiliar become so normal. That kind of experience can’t happen on a backpacking trip. Only a complete move for a long period of time can leave you feeling like somewhere so far from where you are from is also home. I love that and I’m learning to really embrace it every day I’m here. The adventures I do get to have on the weekends and whatnot are incredible and I feel the freedom of a traveller but it’s days like today or lounging around after a day of watching the kids at home that this place really just feels like home base.

Tomorrow begins a new week and a new set of experiences. As always, I’ll be sure to share the highlights.




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