Gold Coast Adventurin’

This past weekend brought me to the Gold Coast for some more memory makin’. Feeling restless and ready to spend some time away from Brissy to do some more discovering, Leslie and I booked a hostel in the Mariner’s Cove area on the Gold Coast for Saturday night and made plans to go camping with Olivia Sunday night.

After another night out in the Valley (expect this time with some new bars/clubs on our belt),  Leslie and I took the train out of Brisbane to spend the hottest weekend yet this season on one of Australia’s most famous beaches. This time, instead of being right in the center of the action at Surfer’s Paradise, we decided to explore Mariner’s Cove, a classy marina with heaps of restaurants and shops right across the street from Main Beach. The first adventure began when we showed up at the hostel and were told that we booked the wrong night – for the next Saturday. It was completely my fault. I remember researching a million other things when I booked it so no wonder I couldn’t get the date right. We got lucky with another room for the same price though, thank goodness.

Mariner’s Cove was pretty small but it was relaxing and enjoyable to spend time around, away from all tourists. We had a view from our hostel of the marina and what is apparently a very popular pub, called Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern. After we got there and settled in Saturday, we headed to the beach but a storm was on its way so our time was cut short. Not having much else to do around the area, we just got a couple drinks, some Thai food, then a chocolate brownie to share at the chocolate shop and called it a night. The best part of the night was when James told me he finally booked his flight to Brisbane for Dec. 16. I am so incredibly excited to see him, spend the holidays with him and get to share a ton of experiences together while we live in the same city for the first time.

Sunday Leslie and I got up early, made calls and grabbed breakfast, and then started our morning and afternoon spent on the beach. It was a bright, sunny day but with enough wind to keep you cool while laying by the ocean. I spent a decent amount of time in the water but the waves were so big and strong from the storm the day before, it was tough to swim around without my suit coming off and being completely knocked over. I also got really sunburnt (shhh don’t tell my Mom) from just one layer of sunscreen in a 3 hour period – guess that’s why Aussies reapply.

After a good amount of time soaking up the sun, we made our way to the Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern, where an Aussie band called The Rubens was playing. I had heard a lot about the free gig on Facebook and it seemed a lot of Aussies listen to them so I had checked them out for myself and decided I wanted to go to the show – another reason we went to this area of Gold Coast. Leslie and I’s new friends Caroline and Megan met us at the pub and we drank Coronas and jammed out with a ton of other Aussies who decided to show up. The transformation of the venue was insane. When we got there it was just your average, chilled-out beach pub and during the show it was as if I was at a house party rager. Lots of fun and a great atmosphere!

When Olivia met us at the pub to head to Springbrook, where we planned on camping, we went on the site to book and found out all the campsites were booked up along with all others in the area… So we go home? Of course not. We bought some food from Coles and then headed to a random spot on the beach, where Leslie and I hung our Eno’s and we enjoyed some food and wine before we fell asleep. It wasn’t so comfortable of a sleep, especially sharing an Eno with Olivia, but waking up to the sunrise was no doubt incredible. I mentally snapped that moment to remember how lucky I was to spend a night in my Eno on the coast of Australia. Pretty special stuff.

Out big adventurous weekend ended with a trip out to Springbrook National Park (bc even though we couldn’t camp there, we didn’t give up on it) to do two walks – one short one to a natural bridge / cave and the other which Olivia and I did when I first arrived in Aussie – to the Twin Falls lagoon. Although the water was extremely fresh, I was able to get my head under and also made the journey to under the falls. It was amazing looking up as the water fell at lightning speed off the cliff – a scene I won’t forget.

It was a wild weekend filled with tons of adventure – just what I needed. But I have no doubt the weeks ahead will bring even more joy and excitement. The ten day countdown to James arriving began today and I have nothing but pure joy when thinking about the new memories about to take place.



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