Aussie Jamz

Since I don’t have much to report on this week as this past weekend was a more laid-back one, I figured I’d share some of my newest music discoveries. Australia has a large and incredibly diverse music scene, much like America, except they have their own national acts who haven’t reached a wide audience outside of Australia, compared to U.S. national acts who people know worldwide. I have been fortunate enough to discover some of these artists and have been super impressed by their innovation and talent – an exciting time for a music fanatic like me!

One of the bands include Vancouver Sleep Clinic, from Brisbane, who are currently being promoted in the U.S. by none other than my dear old friend, Nicole, who is working for a music publicity company in  NYC called Sacks & Co. The highlight of this past weekend was being able to catch them live in the Valley, while showing Nicole some support from across the world as well. The band had a really interesting sound and seemed to be an extremely talented group of instrumentalists – worth checking out!

Anyway, below are names of the Aussie grown musicians that I have come to know and love so far… Enjoy!

Client Liaison 

Sticky Fingers

The Rubens 


Vera Blue

Ziggy Alberts 

Vancouver Sleep Clinic 

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