Hangin’ Loosa in Noosa

A sweltering few days in Brisbane last week called for an escape to the coast for the weekend so to Noosa we went!

Friday night James and and I enjoyed some delicious Greek food at a place called Little Greek Taverna in West End. It’s BYO (my favorite) so we were able to bring our own wine and were even treated to some traditional Greek music with all the servers throwing napkins and shouting “Opa!” at one point. We’ll definitely be going back there as the food was great and cheap with an authentic atmosphere to compliment it. The night was kept short with a quick visit to The Bearded Lady, a hipster bar with a Star Wars pinball machine and quirky decor, before going back to play with James’ housemate’s soundboard and chill.

After a sweaty sleep, James and I headed to the coast in the morning. This was the first time I had ever had to take public transportation to Noosa so I was a bit irritated with how much longer the process was to get there but it was still very worth it to get out of the heat-trapped city for a bit. Not long after we arrived in Noosa, we headed to beach and swam around in some pretty rough waves for a while until we opted to have some wine by the water. What a beautiful setting it was – the sun slowly going down on under the waves and tropical plants radiating in its evening rays. I was in heaven.

Leslie was already up in Noosa with her host family during their holiday vacation so she met James and I out for some drinks at a couple bars near Main Beach that night. We kept it chill with just some beer jugs between the three of us but had fun catching up and people watching. James and I walked back to the O’Brien’s place that night jamming to Chameleon, our favorite new chart topper by Pnau.

Sunday we got up and walked in an extremely muggy heat to Noosa River, about a 35 min. walk, near where Leslie had stayed. There we grabbed some coffee, met up with Leslie and walked along the river until we came to the “U-Drive Boats” booth that had hobie cat sailboats for hire. We rented a boat between the three of us for two hours and had a blast of an afternoon, with the weather clearing up just after we took the boat out. Lucky I have friends who can sail and can take me on these adventures… We even got as bold as to sail into the open sea for a bit, riding the sailboat on some pretty big waves that had us all a little worried for a second before we turned back. We all brushed our fears off as laughter though and had a great time surfing the waves in a little sailboat while it lasted. Afterward, we celebrated our feat with a round of drinks at Noosa Surf  Club before calling it a day.


James and I took Monday morning slow, with me sleeping in and him doing some work on his lap top. It was just what we needed and we were both very pleased with how our day started. After grabbing some food and taking another look at the ocean, we made our way back to the city. It was a nice, relaxing couple of days that both of us were happy to have had. Big thanks to the O’Brien clan for living in Noosa!



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