Realizing the “Bubble” Is The First Step

It’s something talked about a lot but thinking back to my life at home and now looking from afar at the commentary surrounding the Women’s Marches that took place on Donald Trump’s first day in office,  I’m reminded how relevant a person’s “bubble” really is even in an age where thousands of other  lives are accessible via the social media app on your smart phone or tablet.

It’s the way some people seem to forget not every life has the same privileges as their own and the way some seem to think countries are like barriers separating “your” people and the other people who are different to you and whose problems don’t affect you…

Well newsflash –  the world is smaller than you think and at the end of the day we’re all in it together.

Although I wasn’t able to participate myself and vicariously marched through my friend’s experiences, the Women’s Marches that happened all over the world were a reminder to me and hopefully to others that ALL humans are interconnected and have the same kind of fears, problems and hopes everywhere. While America might not have the most pressing issues of them all, we are the ones who are big enough and strong enough to do something about them. And what I found to be so powerful the other day is that so many people recognize that and were ready to step up, whether to defend themselves or others. And the countries who might not be big enough or strong enough to have our kind of voice ? Well, they stepped up too and supported a movement they felt a connection to, hoping their support might actually come to their rescue one day.

I guess my reasoning for writing this post was to not only give my insight into what I think was an extremely historic day for my country but also to again point out the strong correlation that travel and open-mindedness have. When I think back to before I moved to Australia temporarily, I think of a bubble that was comfortable and privileged. It’s a great life, don’t get me wrong, but it only expanded so far. Now, having lived in another country and having found friends from all over the world, that bubble is realized so much more. While I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to live in a bubble if that is what you choose, it is important to recognize the insight you may lack if one kind of person and one kind of lifestyle is all you really, truly know.

One of my favorite lessons this experience has taught me is the amount of opportunity and possibility that comes from associating yourself with a different reality than what has been “normal” to you.  People live differently everywhere, under different circumstances, but realizing how their reality isn’t as far from yours as you may think is essential to making the kind of changes this world needs more of. Call it love, empathy, or whatever you want – caring about issues and being proactive to solve them is helping you, a human, more directly than you may ever have to realize. So you go ladies (and supportive men), you go!






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