Another Dream becomes Reality

It’s official! James and I are outta here in one month and headed to Tasmania, Melbourne and then Southeast Asia!

After a lot of brainstorming and planning since just a couple months after I arrived in Brisbane, the dream is now a reality. The flights are booked and the itinerary is lookin’ fab. We’ll be leaving Brisbane April 4, exploring Tasmania from a campervan for a week, then soaking our last bit of Australia up for a while in Melbourne for six days before taking off to Bangkok to start our Southeast Asian adventure until August. It’s also official I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday in Melbourne- not a bad place to spend a birthday 😉

In the meantime, I’ll be working hard to make as much money as I can and squeeze in the last bit of adventuring around Queensland before I leave. My job with PFS has been going really well and not only am I racking up the cash but I’ve met some really fun people from all over the world while at it. Sometimes the friendships made are just as valuable as the money. Of course our friendships will be short-lived but when you bring  a bunch of young, like-minded people together, the next meet-up is never too far away.

One month until I leave my home away from home and I’m definitely starting to feel nostalgic about my time here. While these past six months have flownnn by, I also feel like I’ve been here forever – living three different lives in a matter of seven months in one city. It’s been cool to have experiences like living with a host family, weekend backpacker travels, and living in the city and working all in the same place. I’ve gotten to know just about every corner of Brisbane and am always counting my blessings for the opportunity to live in and explore this wonderful country, and state of Queensland. There is so much I’ve learned about this place, the people and myself that I will take with me back to the U.S. and everywhere else I go for the rest of my life.

So for now, I’ll enjoy Brissy in my last few weeks and be sure to make a record of all the incredible, last adventures that happen around here in this last month.






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