Preparing to leave Brissy

In just over two weeks, James, Leslie and I will be packing our bags and leaving behind the people and place that has made Australia home for the past seven months (three months for James). I can’t believe it’s already time to start preparing to leave Brisbane as it feels like yesterday when Leslie and I were at the South Bank River Quay talking about our future adventures we’d have in and around Brisbane, and what it would feel like to leave. But of course that is a story as old as time right?

Leslie will be heading straight back to the U.S. to reunite with family and friends while James and I will trek on to Tasmania, Melbourne and then SE Asia for three more months. Lately we’ve been planning, budgeting and preparing for our travels while trying to fit in our last experiences in Brisbane and Queensland for a while. There are always those bucket list places and activities leftover when you realize you’ve run out of time and/or money but  overall I feel confident that I made the most of every week here and feel content leaving with what I’ve accomplished to see and do. Australia is a beautiful country with an infinite number of places to enjoy and explore. I am so blessed to have seen as much of it as I have and look forward to hopefully seeing more one day!

Finishing up our last douse of Queensland road trips, this past weekend Leslie and I escaped the city to Noosa for the last time in her host mom’s car to spend our last bit of time in our home away from home away from home, thanks to Olivia and her family. I feel so lucky we were able to enjoy beautiful Noosa so often- such a great place to have had to go when we wanted an escape to the coast. I definitely won’t forget the gorgeous teal water, the view from the top of the headlands and unfortunately what it feels like to carry a surfboard up the hill to their house…

Along with saying bye to Noosa, I was also able to fit in one of the final things left on my Australian bucket list- Fraser Island. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and is the only place where a tall, full rainforest grows on sand dunes. Because nobody else wanted to pay for it (understandably- it was pretty pricey but I’m one of those yolo gals), I booked one spot on a backpacker tour that left from Noosa for a day trip to the island and am so happy I did. While most of the time was spent riding in the 4WD coach along the beach, I was able to see so many remote and pristine places. We visited places like Rainbow Bay, Double Island Point, Inskip Peninsula, and Lake Mckenzie on Fraser, most of which only people with a 4WD can visit. This made each one of these spots look untouched, expect for tire tracks, and even more exotic. Lake Mckenzie was definitely the highlight- it had the most beautiful hues of blue and had the clearest water I ever seen in the shallow parts. Not to mention the temperature was perfect and it was so nice to swim around in freshwater for a change. That experience followed up with a delicious meal of steak and a variety of salads. Since there was only eight of us on the tour, there was plenty of food (and alcohol) leftover for us to consume. On my tour were a couple of nice Scottish girls who I hung out with and who are traveling the popular East Coast of Australia route.  They are going to be in Melbourne while James and I are there so hopefully I’ll see them again!


Rainbow Bay


Lake McKenzie


Up next is finishing up a couple more weeks of fundraising work, soaking up every last bit of Brisbane I can and preparing for the next few months of adventure! On Friday, James and I have tickets to our very first rugby game (Brisbane Broncos vs. Canberra Raiders) to finally experience what we’ve heard so much about. In the meantime, we will keep busy enjoying everything Aussie.





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