Assuming this will be my last post written from Brisbane, I am feeling a bit nostalgic and nervous. Nervous because I realize this place has become a second home to me, it being the longest I have been based in a city other than my hometown and college town, which was a day trip away from my hometown. It’s pretty wild when you think about it- my first big move was to Brisbane, Australia. How random??? But that’s what I love about it 🙂

In just four days, James and I will fly from the “city of bridges” (I gave it that name when I first got here because of all the bridges it has connecting the city over the river), down to the mystic Tasmania to begin our backpacking adventure that will lead us to a whole different wonder itself, Southeast Asia.

Brisbane won’t be forgotten easily though. It has become a home- encompassing everything from good friends to host families, and rainy, lazy days to thrilling adventures. I’ve been here long enough to have developed my own life style here. Even with an accent difference, I have turned my position within this city from the lost “backpacker” to the girl you ask for directions, and can answer you without hesitation. It’s been pretty incredible to see that happen in a country across the world, away from most of who and what I know.

These last couple of weeks we’ve been getting organized and having our last outings in the city when we’re not working. Last Friday, Leslie, James and I went to our first rugby game at Suncorp Stadium to cheer for Brisbane’s most popular team, the Broncos. The atmosphere was pretty much what I expected with “bogan” Aussies, mostly male, rushing into their favorite team’s game fired up and smiling, beer in hand. We spent the first part of the game watching intently and trying to figure out the rules but eventually just started exploring the stadium while getting discounted beers from a girl James works with. After the game, we stormed the bars of Caxton Street, a street filled with bars, next to the stadium and had a blast dancing around and drinking with a bunch of rugby-crazy Aussies.

On Saturday, we got back at it and went out to the Valley to catch a DJ set by Cosmo’s Midnight. My boss met James and I there, and definitely kept the energy up for us. We had a great night dancing away at TBC Club.

Right now I’m writing during Cyclone Debbie, a storm that hit north Queensland but is causing a lot of rain down here in southeast Queensland. It started raining yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped. Although there are some flash flooding warnings and schools/businesses were closed, everything seems to be under control.

And here I am now, a day later, finishing up this post that  I had to pause writing because the power went out immediately after I noted “everything seems to be under control.” The irony…

Anyway, things are happening fast here with our Brisbane chapter closing and our backpacking journey beginning. Tonight the 4059 crew (Red Hill housemates) is hosting a going away party for the Americans (James, Leslie and I). It’ll be our last hurrah and hopefully big night out here in Brissy for a while. I’m excited to celebrate with most of the people I’ve come to know as good friends during my time here and have the chance to say my goodbyes in true Aussie fashion. Let the games begin!



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