Bye for now

Last night I said goodbye to the country I’ve spent the past seven and a half months in. Australia, you were too darn good to me. I will miss so much about that great country but I am also thrilled to finally be starting a new adventure in Southeast Asia.

James and I spent the past week in Melbourne after our Tasmania trip and got to catch up with friends, and have a comfortable place to crash while we got organized and prepared to leave the country. We did some sightseeing here and there, especially on my birthday when we toured pretty much all of Melbourne, but also did some necessary chilling before we started hostel jumping for a while. It was good to catch up with camp friends and friends I met while in Brisbane to share our last few meals, drinks and laughs together for a while. I’m looking forward to staying in touch and updated on their own adventures.

Now I find myself at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. I am already experiencing a bit of culture shock from the bathroom situation to the different language but I also feel a kind of exhilaration I haven’t felt since first landing in New Zealand and Australia. Being here has me so excited to get to Bangkok and actually explore my first Asian city.

For my Asian travels, I will be setting up a new blog that I hope will inspire people even more than this one did. Traveling has become more than just a hobby for me during this past year- it has become a lifestyle. That’s why I want to share more than my personal experiences and pictures, but rather more of the lessons I’m learning from them. The opportunity to reflect on every unique and incredible experience I had in Australia is something I am grateful for, and I hope that was apparent in my posts. Thanks for an incredible ride and see you on the other side 🙂


Anni in Aussie.

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